Being CBSE affiliated school, we follow NCERT Syllabus/Curriculums. 

Exam Pattern

Exam pattern for the Std I to V & Std VI to IX the assessment will be done in two areas:-
1) Scholastic
2) Co-scholastic

Scholastic:-  The Academic year is divided into two sessions
1) Periodic Exam
2) Term Exam

Std I to VStd VI to IX
Periodic assessments10 Marks10 Marks
Note book5 Marks5 Marks
Sub Enrichment Activities5 Marks5 Marks
Submissive Assessment 1 30 Marks80 Marks
Total marks per term50 Marks100 Marks

Periodic exam will be conducted twice a year i.e Periodic Exam 1 (before Mid term) & Periodic Exam 2 (before Final term) in the form of paper based.

Term exam will be conducted twice a year i.e Mid term & Final term in the form of paper based.

Subject Enrichment Activities:   These are subject-specific activities aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities are to be carried out throughout the term. However, it will be evaluated at the term-end.

  • Note book submission will cover regularity, neatness and upkeep of book, assignments, completion on time.
  • Subject enrichment activities will cover in language speaking and listening skills, in science practical’s, laboratory work, mathematics lab work, in social science map work and project work.

Co-Scholastic Activities ( Class I to IX) :  For the holistic development of the student, co-curricular activities in the following areas be carried out by the teachers and will be graded term- wise on a 3-point grading scale (A = Outstanding, B= Very Good and C = Fair).The aspect of regularity, sincere participation, output and teamwork be the generic criteria for grading in the following co-scholastic activities.

  • Work Education – Work Education refers to skill-based activities resulting in goods or services useful to the community.
  • Art Education ( Visual & Performing Art).
  • Health and Physical Education ( Sports/Martial Arts / Yoga / etc.).


Progress Update

Whenever teacher feels the need to discuss the issues related to the progress of your ward, parents will be called for personal meeting for the academic updates.

However, parents can feel free to meet the teachers on 4th Saturday of each month.

Open House is conducted after every examination.